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**1st Photo taken by Anastasia Goryachih


Where I started :


Weaving through crowds, squeezing in between spaces, climbing objects, both as a ninja and a ghost— capturing candid and organic moments in between. This is how I love to photograph. The inbetween. The actor rehearsing backstage or the ballerina laceing her ballet shoes. I focus on the unnoticed— ephemeral moments adjacent to the lime light. This is my passion. 

I am a documentary photographer at heart and always dreamed of having my images on the pages of National Geographic. Realizing the near extinction of the staff photographer in the editorial and documentary world, I chose to focus on other forms of documentary work. Turning to live music, theatre and film stills photography in my early 20’s was exactly the fix I needed, and for years you would catch me at venues around Toronto. But I was seeking something more. 





Where I am : 


Naturally, as the romantic I am, transitioning to wedding imagery just made sense. For 8 years I’ve been photographing couples and their love stories. I bring a sweet yet assertive presence to your wedding day for all my clients (which I struggle with calling you that because really we always become friends). 




My inspiration :


I wanted to tell more personal stories, specifically about love. My Nonno and Nonna were the best love story I’ve ever known. I remember asking my Nonno how he met my Nonna. He told me that one day he passed her house on his way to find work and she was outside her house gardening. As soon as he saw her he thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. He fell in love immediately and knew this was the girl he wanted to marry. After getting married, they spent almost 15 years apart, him in Canada finding any work he could and my Nonna in Italy taking care of my dad and uncle. This way he could save up money and move our family here to Canada. Their love was their foundation for strength and they just grew stronger. 70 years together.


I love a good love story and now I have my own as well. Feel free to ask me! I would love to hear about yours too!