Diana and Mike

"Liz was the perfect person to do our wedding photos. Not only is she talented, but she is a people person and knows how to keep you relaxed and excited for pictures, even when you're on a schedule in the middle of your wedding day. She has an eye to capture all the important photos, but also the little things that are happening on the sidelines... the smiles, looks, the laughter... the things you miss at that moment but that make the memory of that day all the more wonderful when you look at your wedding photos. I couldn't be happier with our choice!" - Diana


"Liz was incredible on our wedding day. Her photos were amazing and truly captured the magic and joy of the event. Her photos have been a talking point with our friends and family even 6 months from the wedding. We are still smiling and thankful she was our choice for a photographer." - Mike


Jeff and Danielle

"Liz and her team were amazing. She was so professional with all of our family members and was very very flexible during the day when things didn’t go according to plan! The photos are gorgeous and continue to bring tears to my eyes when I look at them 2 years later. If you are looking for beautiful photos that capture exactly what you want to remember on your day, you have come to the right place!" - Danielle


"We hired Liz for our outdoor wedding and she nailed it. All of our concerns about lighting/exterior factors she knew how to handle without any problems. She was professional, took charge when she needed to, and got my wife’s huge Italian family to pose for a picture. Not an easy job by any means but with someone as confident as Liz, the results are amazing. Highly recommend!" - Jeff


"Liz captured the very essence of the day managing to get the most intimate of moments without being obvious. This mother of the bride couldnt be happier with the results of the photography and now have precious memories that arent just “pictures”. They are emotions that come to life. Thank you Liz!!!!" - Michelle (Mother of the Bride)


Kandace and Blair

"Wedding planning is hard enough, but finding a photographer that can take control of the day without overstepping while capturing “the vibe” is a challenge! Luckily, there is Liz. Meeting her while shooting a concert series, all of us would compare shots. Liz’s were my favourite. Talent like this is rare, and it stuck with me as a source of inspiration (it truly wows me to have even crossed paths with someone with this magnitude of talent.) Fast forward a year and a half later and I was wedding planning. Liz did our engagement shoot. It wasn’t a standard couple photo shoot, we have an 8 year old who joined in on the fun. How do you capture a crazy, wild, hilarious, romantic, sensual-yet-totally-pg moment? I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Liz because she nailed it!!! Our wedding was nothing short of a whirlwind. Trusting in your photographer to get the perfect shots is a must because you can’t deal with those tedious details yourself. Liz met with me for a location scout, and then we video conferenced a week before the wedding - so any of those last minute questions and details were discussed and I was at ease. We made a conscious decision as a couple to allow our photographers any liberties they needed to capture our day (whether it was pull us out for a quick shot because eerie fog rolls in or let them dictate where and when to be during photo time rather than micro manage, or them whipping out their cameras amidst packing up for the epic dance battle unfolding) because you’re only left with these photos. I can’t stress enough how grateful and happy I am that it was Liz behind the camera for the most special day of our lives. I could not have imagined a more incredible result, and am blown away every day when I come across a photo from our wedding. Thank you Liz for your professionalism, grace, acrobatics when getting the perfect shot; but above all, thank you for sharing your talent with the world." - Kandace


Katherine and Liam

"Liz Gareri was amazing to work with during my wedding. She did an excellent job documenting our special day, and went beyond expectations to make sure we were happy with our photos. From helping me quickly fix my makeup after crying (from happiness!) to literally loaning me her shoes when mine hurt my feet, she went beyond expectations. The photo quality was stellar. All of my friends commented on the clarity and honesty of the images. Somehow, Liz was able to discreetly move around, capturing the day and the little moments seamlessly, like a photo-ninja. I'm so happy with my pictures, and I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone looking for a photographer for their wedding, or any life event." - Katherine