Photographing Love Stories since 2009

We’re all about crafting intentional, meaningful moments and capturing your raw, authentic connection on your journey to saying “I do”.


Hey, I’m Liz - founder of The Organic Moment, and your Ontario, Banff, and Iceland elopement photography expert.

I’m your cheerleader and I've got your back on every step of this journey.

I’ll be your guide, planner-in-crime, uber-organized wing-woman, and the calming yet fun presence you need on an adventure like this one.

I absolutely love Ontario, Banff and Iceland and its never-ending possibilities of love and adventure — hiking deep into the forest, road-tripping near and far, swimming in lakes, and dancing under the stars. Blasting rock music and singing out loud with the sunroof down on the backroads is one of my happy places.

I’ve been capturing love stories for over 15 years, and planning elopements and intimate weddings since 2020 —

and my specialty is ensuring your day is filled with all the things that represent you two; absolutely no obligations or should’s in sight.

This is YOUR day and it should be bursting at the seams with pieces that are important to you, so you can get married and vow forever to each other in a way that fits you two perfectly.

If you’re looking for a day that will live in your heart forever, I’m your girl. 

I can’t wait to help design a day that fits you just the way you fit each other:

Perfectly, like a deep exhale, like there’s no other choice in the whole world.



Hey, I’m Jason - the newest member of The Organic Moment, and your elopement videographer.

I’m the out-of-the-box idea generator, the one who will help you come out of your shell so you can show up as you really are.

I’ll capture the most beautiful, tender, raw moments of your day and stitch them all together with a soundtrack that causes your soul to swell.

I love escaping away to a cabin in the forest, skipping past small talk right into the deep stuff, and anything to do with visual storytelling and music.

I’ve been obsessed with film for as long as I can remember — from remaking horror movies with my twin brother in our basement as kids, to convincing my high school English teacher to let me skip essays and submit personal films instead, to going to College to study film and spending 13 years in the industry professionally.

I worked on Handmaid's Tale, American Gods, Chucky (the TV show), Room, Fellow Travellers, and Love Rosie, to name a few titles, and am still a member of the Directors Guild Of Canada. I even had a stint as a professor, teaching production design at Humber College for a year.

I promise to hold your sacred vision in my heart and make it come alive on the screen so you can relive it for years to come.



As a team, we’re the yin to each other’s yang — Liz is the introvert, Jason is the extrovert. Liz likes to cozy up in bed and sleep in, Jason likes to get up and make tea so Liz doesn’t have to get out of bed. 

One thing we both love to do: capture all the organic moments on the day you say yes to each other and make the forever vow. 

It’s truly an honour to live our lives witnessing and sharing love stories. We’re here to listen to your dreams and bring them to life, and we can’t wait to meet you two!

We live in an old Century home on Jason’s family farm in Beeton, Ontario, where we spend our lives soaking up as much time as we can with each other — drinking tea and honey in bed, eating vegan Mexican food, watching VHS’s on our projector under the stars, soaking in a hot bath on a chilly day, sitting around the campfire on crisp fall nights, or hanging out with our cats while talking about everything and nothing all at once, with a record playing in the background.

Doing life, marriage, and being on this wild ride with your soulmate is an incredible gift. We cherish every single moment and adventure we have together, in this life and beyond. It's pure magic, and we couldn't ask for anything more. 

Here's to adventure, living life to the max, and embracing all the love and joy that comes your way, now and forever. 



years of experience




Countries travelled to


There’s nothing better than serving those that you love, filling up with good food and drink, and spending quality time together filling each other’s cups. We’ve been told that time stands still in our presence — it’s not uncommon for friends to come over for a quick visit and end up posted up on the couch, glass of wine (or green) in hand, deep in conversation until the early hours of the morning! 

Willow was the last of her litter to be rescued. She loves to talk all day long lol it's the cutest thing! Salem is a little skittish and full of love. He makes a habit of going around the room to kiss everyone goodnight - no joke. Merlin is the mischievous one who will attack our plant babies and try to eat our food. He especially loves coconut yogurt. Salem and Merlin are litter mates and both rescues that we brought into our home at 4 weeks old. We would feed them every 3 hours, taking turns and giving them extra love. We’re so grateful they all made it, are healthy purr machines and have brought such light and joy into our lives. Best cuddle buddies!

From South East Asia to New Zealand we travelled via planes, buses, boats, tuk tuks and more! We swam as the sun set and awoke to the sound of the ocean. I’ve been travelling since I was little, from family trips to the Caribbean to visiting family in Italy. We love travelling and can’t wait until our next adventure! Some of our life goals are to be snowbirds, convert a van for road tripping, live off grid and eat our way through all the countries!

From iconic venues in Austin, Texas to Toronto I was an adrenaline Queen hopping from live shows at NXNE and SXSW from 7pm until 4am. With a beer in hand, documenting rock fans and basking in all the sounds, plus light shows from Electric Island, best! When a show comes up that I’d like to photograph, I’ll still dive in from time to time.

When I fell in love with Jason, we started visiting his parents on their family farm in Beeton. I noticed, we began talking and dreaming of the country life when we’d go back to the hustle of the city. We were both craving being close to nature, listening to the birds, enjoying the quiet and watching sunsets. That’s when I knew, it was time for a change. So we packed up our bags and went on a 9 month adventure (refer above) before moving into our century home, here on the family farm in Beeton. 

We have the utmost respect for her and are always learning from her. Colourful mushrooms, misty lakes and stoic trees. I can easily get lost for hours photographing her beauty. What a privilege it is to witness and to document. From a young age, I was very aware of our impact on the environment. Picture 9 year old Liz, unplugging the microwave before bedtime to save on energy. It annoyed my mom in the morning but she thought it was sweet :) 10 years ago I became a vegetarian and I felt incredible! My body was absolutely loving the increase in energy and it turned out to be a great choice for my body type! I took it a step further and now I’m plant-based and loving all the recipes I’m cooking up these days! Why not go a step further and bring my love of sustainability into my business? Check HERE to learn how I integrate sustainability into my business!

When we first met a decade ago, we were both working in the film industry. We were working on a project together, and when I offered to give a ride to anyone who needed it, Jason opened my passenger door with the biggest smile on his face and a warm ‘Hello! I’m Jason, thanks so much for the ride!” I put on my vintage white shades, rolled down the windows, and blasted the radio to my at-the-time fave, Florence and the Machine. We instantly hit it off, bonding over our mutual love for Florence and all things music.

Our friendship was instant — film buffing out over marathons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ordering Thai food, and dancing at live music shows. We went on road trips to Nova Scotia and rented cabins all over Ontario… if we could make an adventure out of it, we did. He knew I was his person but I wasn’t open to that just yet… I friend-zoned him and we dated other people. We simply lived our best lives as best friends.

As RuPaul says, if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? The love I had been waiting for was from myself, a journey I’m continuing to ride. I had to let go of a lot of limiting beliefs about men and get clear on what I wanted and deserved in my life partner. My awakening and journey towards self-love opened my eyes to my soulmate who had been here the whole time. Once that began to shift, my heart began to open and let him in. 

I finally decided to make a move. We were walking in the Village, down Church Street during Pride week, I took a deep breath and grabbed his hand. He immediately knew something had shifted, he looked at me and smiled, holding my hand tightly. As nervous and anxious as I was to take a giant leap from friends to lovers, it’s one of the best chances I’ve ever taken. The rest is history :)


REVIeWS & kind words

Liz & Jason are just....THE BEST!!! Seriously, they are so warm, kind, and flexible. And their photography/videography? It's next level!! My wife and I so much enjoyed our photoshoot on top of a mountain. Like AMAZING!!! It's so cool that The Organic Moment exists to capture the most important moments in the most extravagant places. If you're considering different options...stop now. These are the folks you want!

helicopter, banff, alberta, canada

- Emily & Jon


From the first video consultation to the last photograph, Liz and Jason made us feel special. They were totally focused on making sure that we got the experience we had been dreaming of. Every detail was taken care of which made our day completely stress free. The setting was incredible, the flower arrangements were beautiful and the food for the picnic was delicious. It all came together to create a truly intimate experience for us, which is what a wedding should be. We are so thrilled with the quality of the photography, video and overall professionalism. We will be recommending their services to all of our friends and family.

mistaya canyon, banff, alberta, canada

- Brandon & Jamie


From the minute we met Liz and Jason, we knew our memories were being captured by genuine, authentic, passionate people. Any nerves we had were quickly replaced with laughter and love as we hiked our way through the gorgeous forest to elope! All the little details of our special day were thought of ahead of time, which put my partner and I at ease so we could focus on each other. It was a day filled with fun, adventure, love, beauty, awe, and we will never forget the cherished journey from the beginning of our day to the end! Our favourite part of our elopement was the cliffside ceremony. There is truly nothing like it, with the breeze softy blowing my hair, the waves coming in and crashing at the base of the cliff and being surrounded by our beautiful country, nature witnessing our commitment. The experience will be remembered for our lifetime and the sneak peak at our photos and video are brilliantly breathtaking.

bruce peninsula, ontario, canada

- Katie & John


Thank you so much L and J. Working with you two was so comforting and fun. I was immersed and lost in the moment while you worked your magic. I love every single photo. Moraine Lake was amazing but through your photos I can feel the moment beyond just the beautiful backdrop. Thank you so much!

moraine lake, banff, alberta, canada

- Kitty & Sunny


Book Liz and Jay for your elopement shoot! They are honestly the sweetest couple, and were a blast to spend the day with for our shoot. They had the whole day planned out, with activities, snacks, and timing all accounted for. They scouted out all the locations beforehand and knew where we had to be at what time to get the best light. My wife and I are in love with the pictures they've given us. Everything shot is perfectly, and we wouldn't change a thing. The photos somehow look very natural, but also magical at the same time. These elopement photos are a very fun and stress-free alternative, which I am super grateful that we were able to experience ourselves. My wife and I would highly recommend The Organic Moment Photography! Thank you so much Liz and Jay!

Algonquin park, ontario, canada

- Chelsea & Kevin


My spouse and I had the privilege of getting our special moments captured but the team at Organic Moment.

They made they day special, unique, intimate and natural for Patricia and I. The photos are stunning and we couldn't be happier with them. We will never forget the beautiful time we had and they are definitely going up in the living room wall.

We 100% recommend their services. They put the time, effort and intention behind their work and it shows ❤️

drumheller, alberta, canada

- Kenny & Patricia


Wow! I was blown away by Liz’s photography services. Right away, her warm and welcoming demeanour made us feel relaxed and comfortable. Her creative direction was gently executed, so we always felt well taken care of. Even when there were external stressors with the wedding venue, Liz was consistently a calming presence. I’d highly recommend Liz to anyone looking for beautiful, creative photos and excellent customer service!


- Michelle & Philip


Liz was incredible to work with! She was able to capture so many of our special moments in such a beautiful and candid way, we didn’t even notice she was there! Nothing felt over staged, the photos look natural, not stiff. She was also incredibly fun and helpful when doing our couple only photos. For someone who is very camera shy, I felt at ease. I was also so impressed with how creative she was able to get when we weren’t able to shoot outside, she made the most of the space! I can nor recommend her enough!


- Jess & Blane


Wedding planning is hard enough, but finding a photographer that can take control of the day without overstepping while capturing “the vibe” is a challenge! Luckily, there is Liz. Trusting in your photographer to get the perfect shots is a must because you can’t deal with those tedious details yourself. Liz met with me for a location scout, and then we video conferenced a week before the wedding - so any of those last-minute questions and details were discussed and I was at ease. I can’t stress enough how grateful and happy I am that it was Liz behind the camera for the most special day of our lives. I could not have imagined a more incredible result, and am blown away every day when I come across a photo from our wedding. Thank you Liz for your professionalism, grace, acrobatics when getting the perfect shot; but above all, thank you for sharing your talent with the world.

- Kandace & Blair

Prince Edward County, Ontario


The photos continue to bring back all the feelings and emotions I felt while taking them and continue to bring tears to my eyes when I look at them 2 years later. In a word, they are perfection. If you are looking for beautiful photos that capture exactly what you want to remember on your day, you have come to the right place!

- Jeff & Danielle

Arrowhead Provincial Park, Ontario


From the moment I met Liz, I felt comfortable, as if I've known her forever. She really took the time to get to know me and my fiancée, in order to ensure that our photos were completely personal to us. She worked with us as we contemplated locations for our photoshoot, style of photos that we wanted, and even gave us input on our outfits! Despite taking our photos on a snowy, cold, winter day, we had so much fun with Liz! We highly recommend her to anyone! Thank you Liz! 

- Sam & Melissa

Private campground, Tweed, Ontario


Liz was absolutely wonderful to work with. Neither my husband nor I are particularly comfortable with taking photographs; Liz not only brought out our genuine smiles but also celebrated our quirky and unique personalities in how we posed and goofed around. It made our wedding day so much sweeter, and we have so many wonderful photos that reflect our genuine exuberance and joy thanks to her talents and infectious cheerfulness. Thank you!

TORONTO, Ontario

- Christine & Edwin


Liz for the Win! We loved working with Liz. She joined us on a destination wedding to Dominican Republic. My husband and I are not used to a lot of attention, so the whole experience was a bit overwhelming for us, and Liz really helped us stay calm and relaxed throughout the wedding day, along with her partner, Jason. In the end, we have a wonderful collection of photos that tell the story of our day, and the best part is that we have amazing memories from the wedding because they helped us stay so laid-back and happy. Liz helped us focus and enjoy those special moments. We love you Liz!

- Alex & Ryan

Dominican Republic


Giving Back

I (Liz) love working with the Pop-Up Chapel because it's a way to give back to the wedding community and the local community. They give to a different charity at every pop up and are focused on partnering with local food banks, educational organizations and various programs. Some of my favourite organizations they've donated to are Second Harvest, Women's College Hospital and Sketch. Check out my feature here to learn more about why I love working with the Chapel! 

Sustainability is not just about our environment, it's about giving back to the community too! The Cove is a really cool organization that gives back to the single mom community in so many ways! I've had friends over the years that have been single moms or are single moms and it is incredible to see the strength of a single mom in action! I'm so honoured to be a partner at The Cove, you can learn more about them here.

Every elopement means new trees planted — whichever day of the month you get married on, we plant that number of trees in your name! (Or, if there’s another number that’s more significant to you, we can plant that number of trees instead!). We've partnered with One Tree Planted because they are an incredible organization that are dedicated to global reforestation. Their projects span the globe and are done in partnership with local communities and knowledgeable experts to create an impact for nature, people, and wildlife. Reforestation helps to rebuild forests after fires and floods, provide jobs for social impact, and restore biodiversity. Read this blog to learn more about why we chose to partner with them and dive into the details of their amazingness!!

The DeafBlind Ontario Foundation is such an incredible organization that enriches lives and supports people who are deafblind, as well as people who are Deaf, hard of hearing and non-verbal with a developmental disability to live their best lives.
We make annual donations to them and are in the middle of planning a photography project together. We'll keep you updated on the details! 

Check out more about them here!

We are all the solution to conservation efforts and with their seven principles, Leave No Trace is leading the way for all nature lovers. We have completed the 'How to Leave No Trace for Elopement and Wedding Photographers' Course and follow the seven principles to protect and respect our environment. You can find more about these principles on our blog here.


We’re also going to show MAMMA EARTH some love in the process

When you choose to work with us, you’re choosing to work with a sustainable WEDDING photographer & videographer.

As folks who travels all around Banff National Park, Alberta, Ontario & Iceland, we strongly believe in protecting her at all costs and giving back in whatever ways we can.  That’s why we take a number of steps to ensure my business (and therefore your wedding day) is as sustainable as possible:

Every elopement means new trees planted — whichever day of the month you get married on, we plant that number of trees in your name! (Or, if there’s another number that’s more significant to you two, we can plant that number of trees instead!)

Albums are printed on museum-grade, fine-art paper meant to last for generations (so they won’t degrade over the coming decades like most printed works), and all loose-leaf prints are printed on high-quality, recycled paper. 

Our fine art prints, standard & classic albums are made locally in Toronto, which means no overseas shipping. This also ensures high levels of quality control, and all packaging is 100% compostable, free of plastic and harmful inks.

I (Liz) source and recommend sustainable vendors — like florists that plant their own flowers and/or source from communal gardens (i.e don’t ship off-season flowers in from other locations), and plant-based caterers — just to name a few options!

My elopement guide comes complete with ways you can make your day even more sustainable if you so choose… like renting your dress instead of buying, or staying in an eco-friendly Airbnb (I’ve curated a private list that you’ll definitely love.)


We take care of all of this so that you don’t have to, and you get to choose which additions (if any) feel right to include in your day.

WE now have precious memories that aren't just “pictures.” They are emotions that come to life.


Not only is LIZ talented, but she is a people person and knows how to keep you relaxed & excited for pictures


She captured our day beautifully. I would recommend Liz to capture your special milestones! 

- Sara & Blane

Behind the scenes of life on the road


Whatever YOUR LOVE STORY looks like, whatever IT feels like, we're ready to make it a reality for you. 


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