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Imagine sitting by the fire with your partner 20 years from now...

...album on your lap, favourite bevvie in hand, deep belly laughing together through tears of joy while reminiscing about your wedding day. Each page you turn takes you back like a time capsule to the day you got married, the day you said ‘I do’. As you journey through each page, you remember how it all felt.

This is why I include albums with every elopement package as well as digital files. To me it’s imperative you have a tangible album that completes your photography experience.

I want you to go home with your memories in hand to enjoy for years to come and pass down to the next generation or your community.

Design Process

Through my years of experience I found that clients would forget to design their albums for years and choosing the images can be challenging so through my process, I first customize and design your album.

I then send the album to you for review and from there you can choose to change photos, we can add customizations and we work together through the entire pre-production process before it goes to print.


Choose between three different album types

The Boutique Album

If you’ve always dreamed of having a unique and breathtaking album to display on your coffee table or on your bookshelves then we can discuss upgrading you to The Boutique Album. With options like a front page to print your vows on, this album line offers more customization in various ways. From album cover colours to personalized embossing, this album is 40 pages (20 full spreads) in a large 10x10” format. It’s bound in soft, neutral toned fabric and offers sustainable options like vegan luxe linen, vegan suede and vegan leather.

The Boutique Album includes a customized handmade linen box allowing you to safely tuck away or store your album when desired. This option is enhanced with customized embossing options to choose from for the album cover as well as the handmade box. Each printed page is thick and lays flat for a seamless look when folded open creating a stunning two paged spread. The paper type includes a soft, fine art, matte finish to complete the look. 

Included in The Full Day Elopement Package 

Prices starting at $3500

The Classic Album

The Classic Album is an upgrade from The Standard Album and printed on 30 pages (15 full spreads) in a larger 10x10” format. It’s also bound in soft, neutral toned linen and enhanced with minimal, custom foil lettering on the cover for your names and wedding date. Each printed page is thick and lays flat for a seamless look when folded open creating a stunning two paged spread.

The Classic Album is perfect for couples that desire a wedding album and want to order additional products like artwork for their walls at home. I highly recommend The Classic Album for couples that want more details of their story memorialized in a larger album and would still like to add on additional printed artwork.

Included in The half Day Elopement Package 

Prices starting at $2500

The Standard Album

The Standard Album is printed on 20 pages (10 full spreads) in 8x8” format. It’s bound in soft, neutral toned linen and enhanced with minimal, custom foil lettering on the cover for your names and wedding date. Each printed page is thick and lays flat for a seamless look when folded open creating a stunning two paged spread.

The Standard Album is perfect for couples that desire a wedding album and want to order additional printed artwork like a duplicate album, print sets for their coffee table and framed prints for their home. I highly recommend the Standard Album as gifts for parents, grandparents or friends.

Included in The mini  Elopement Package 

Prices starting at $1900

Printed artwork

Print sets are a timeless and nostalgic way to preserve your elopement photographs. Whether you’re someone that loves to share photos with house guests around the coffee table at home or if you love the feeling of walking by memories covering the walls of your family home, I offer various sizes of framed artwork and print set sizes. It’s truly an honour to create these stunning and intimate pieces customized for you and as gifts for your families and friends.


Framing your absolute favourite photographs to decorate your home or cottage is an amazing way to experience the memories of your elopement on a daily basis. I offer a variety of sizes to choose from while keeping to the classic frame style of a white matte border with white and black wood frame options.

If you’re unsure of what colour or print size will look best in your space, take a picture of the spot you’re envisioning, book a consult with me and we can go through the process together. I’m here to help every step of the way to ensure your artwork matches your space seamlessly.

Prices starting at $200


I highly recommend Canvas printed artwork for couples that love showcasing painted artwork in their home. Though this process also uses high quality inks, it can appear as if it is a painted art piece instead of a photograph hanging on your wall. This is a dreamy and whimsical way to view your favourite pieces. A protective coating completes the look for sealing and protection for years to come. Feel free to book in a consultation with me and we can discuss some of your favourite pieces and which ones would look amazing as a ‘painting’.

Prices starting at $250

Linen Print Boxes

This beautiful linen box is carefully handcrafted and features an elegant ribbon to easily lift prints and a magnetic closure for a finished look. They hold up to 115 prints. Print sets are a meaningful and lasting way to say thank you to your loved ones that were present on your elopement day.

This is also an incredible choice for those who weren’t present on your elopement day! I’ve seen couples share printed treasures as a ‘SURPRISE! WE ELOPED’ gift for close friends and family. 

What a fun way to inform your community that you got hitched!!

Recycled Paper Print Line

When choosing the above Linen Print Boxes for yourself or as a gift, the print set included is the stunning Recycled Paper Print Line. This buttery, hand torn paper is printed on 100% recycled cotton fine art materials. Their deckled edge is a unique feature when reminiscing together with friends and family before dinner.

Prices starting at $760

If you've already purchased an album and would like to buy another, or if you'd like to upgrade and/or purchase any printed artwork, please fill out my contact form here to get in touch.

video album

Imagine opening an Album and, instead of turning pages, your wedding video comes to life, replaying the way you two grabbed each other’s hands with nervous excitement as you said ‘I do’ and hearing the sounds of the birds as you laugh together.

Video Albums are a way to immortalize your special moments. Each Video Album features a stunning display, built-in audio, and customizable covers, ensuring that your Video Album itself becomes a cherished heirloom. This is a timeless capsule of your love story, offering you an active and meaningful way to revisit and share those precious moments. Each Video Album arrives ready to play, making it a perfect choice for couples like you, seeking a unique and enduring way to celebrate and share your love story. 

Prices starting at $900

A note on sustainability

All fine art printed products are printed on museum grade, fine art, archival, acid-free paper to last from generation to generation (or community to community).

All linen box print sets, canvas artwork, framed artwork, the recycled paper print line, the Standard and Classic Albums are all made using a local printer. Only the Boutique Albums are not printed locally.

All our albums are wrapped in compostable packaging and boxed using compostable packaging peanuts.

Because framed glass is so fragile, when ordering framed fine art pieces, if you are located outside of Southern Ontario we will ship the print to you via print tube and are happy to recommend a reputable framer in your area and/or work together to complete your art piece for the wall of your home.

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