Let me paint a picture of your wedding day in about 20 words:

A day filled with GREAT food,
a little adventure,
a whole lotta’ love…

and two "I Do's" along the way.

Wedding culture has turned this important day into a whole lot of pomp and circumstance; bogged down by obligations, family expectations, and what the industry says you “should” do.

To all of that, you two said “no, thank you… we’ve got something else in mind.” Instead, an elopement. A day YOUR way: Just the two of you, some good food, a little adventure, and a whole lotta’ love. I just LOVE this for you!! As I’m sure you’ve realized by now, with your newfound freedom also comes… Endless possibilities.

There’s so much you can do! SO many options! And… you’re not sure where to start. Where do you go? What do you include? How do you incorporate YOUR things into the mix?

My new friends, you can relax now. Because I know there’s already been a proposal, and we’ve only just met, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a proposal of my own:

Let’s craft a wedding day that’s truly significant to you two.

Let’s slow down a little. Let’s be intentional. And let’s celebrate your love story in a way that you’ll remember forever

Whatever that looks like, whatever that feels like, I’m ready to make it a reality for you.



And I’m so much more than just an elopement photographer. 

I’m your guide, your cheerleader, your planner-in-crime, your uber-organized wing-woman, and the calming yet fun presence you need on an adventure like this one.

To make a long story short: I’m the newest member of team “You Two”. We can come up with a better team name later!

What this means is I’ll be right by your side each step of the way as we craft an intentional day that’s a perfect fit for you two; no obligations or “should’s” in sight.

So whether you want to spend your day canoeing on the blue waters of Lake Moraine, eating all the incredible food along the way, and say ‘I do’ under a meteor shower… 

Or you want to fly in a helicopter to a gorgeous mountain peak that's completely private, say ‘I do’ as the sun rises, then sit on the ancient forest floor with your legs intertwined and backs against the trees, eating a celebratory picnic…

Or you want to sit on the beach huddled under a fuzzy blanket at Lake Louise, sipping tea and saying ‘I do’ as the sun rises and the mist clears over the alpine lake, then head inside to have a cozy movie marathon day… 

Or anything in between…

I can’t wait to help design a day that fits you just the way you fit each other:

Perfectly, like a deep exhale, like there’s no other choice in the whole world.

They were totally focused on making sure that we got the experience we'd been dreaming of.

From the first video consultation to the last photograph, Liz and Jason made us feel special. Every detail was taken care of which made our day completely stress free. The setting was incredible, the flower arrangements were beautiful and the food for the picnic was delicious. It all came together to create a truly intimate experience for us, which is what a wedding should be. We are so thrilled with the quality of the photography, video and overall professionalism. We will be recommending their services to all of our friends and family.

- Brandon

If you're considering different options... stop now. These are the folks you want!

Liz & Jason are just....THE BEST!!! Seriously, they are so warm, kind, and flexible. And their photography/videography? It's next level!! My wife and I so much enjoyed our photoshoot on top of a mountain. Like AMAZING!!! It's so cool that The Organic Moment exists to capture the most important moments in the most extravagant places.

- Jon

You can tell that Liz & Jason are so passionate about their work, because every photo is absolutely stunning.

I'm not even sure where to begin; these guys found the most beautiful spot to take our pictures, I couldn't have asked for a better location! The pictures turned out amazing, I truly feel that the entire day and process was captured, there wasn't a moment missed! Liz and Jason were very professional, and were so fun to be around, it felt like we knew them forever and that totally took the stress of the day away! I would 100% suggest The Organic Moment to anyone who's looking for a fun, stress free, passionate and professional photographer!

- Jamie

On top of capturing beautiful, organic moments of you two, I’ll also…

Help you plan your entire day from start to finish, filled with the things that are important to you two.

Provide a customized elopement guide filled with local activities and cool things to do that will help make planning a breeze (and give you some extra inspo).

Provide unlimited planning assistance with locations, vendors, and permits so you don’t have to worry about a thing

Craft and coordinate a custom timeline of your day so that it goes off without a hitch and you always know what’s happening when (like I said… uber organization wing-womxn to the rescue!)

Scout all locations in advance (and prepare some backups juuuust in case the weather doesn’t cooperate with what we’ve got planned) so you get the absolute best photo moments every step of the way

Organize a custom photo list for your guests so that we capture all the important shots (that’s if you’re bringing some folks along)

Deliver about 10 sneak peek photos within 48 hours of your day so that you don’t have to worry about documenting any of it and still get to share the love with your family and friends as soon as possible

Craft a customized album to be print, bound, and passed on from generation to generation (so if you don’t have design skills, don’t stress — your album will look amazing)


We’re also going to show Banff some love in the process

When you choose to work with me, you’re choosing to work with a sustainable photographer.

As someone who travels all around Banff National Park, I strongly believe in protecting it at all costs and giving back to it in whatever ways we can.  That’s why I take a number of steps to ensure my business (and therefore your wedding day) is as sustainable as possible:

Every elopement means new trees planted — whichever day of the month you get married on, I plant that number of trees in your name! (Or, if there’s another number that’s more significant to you two, we can plant that number of trees instead!)

Albums are printed on museum-grade, fine-art paper meant to last for generations (so they won’t degrade over the coming decades like most printed works), and all loose-leaf prints are printed on high-quality, recycled paper. 

Our fine art prints, standard & classic albums are made locally in Toronto, which means no overseas shipping. This also ensures high levels of quality control, and all packaging is 100% compostable, free of plastic and harmful inks.

I source and recommend sustainable vendors — like florists that plant their own flowers and/or source from communal gardens (i.e don’t ship off-season flowers in from other locations), and plant-based caterers — just to name a few options!

My elopement guide comes complete with ways you can make your day even more sustainable if you so choose… like renting your dress instead of buying, or staying in an eco-friendly Airbnb (I’ve curated a private list that you’ll definitely love.)


I take care of all of this so that you don’t have to, and you get to choose which additions (if any) feel right to include in your day.


No matter what you want your day to look like, I’ve got a package that will fit.


The Mini is perfect for couples that want something short and sweet. We’ll plan an adventure at one location and document that along with your vows.

This is best suited for couples who are planning a day with just themselves or up to two additional guests. 


Starting at
$5,900 cad
(~ $4,400 usd)



The full-day elopement is perfect for the couple that wants to do allll the things and have alllll the photos to tell the story — we can explore multiple locations, stop for meals along the way, have some downtime or relaxation moments, and/or do a lot of activities throughout the day.

I’ll capture every wonderful moment from sunup to sundown.

+ 12 hours of coverage
+ standard curated album

Starting at
$9,800 cad
(~ $7,200 usd)



The half-day elopement is perfect for the couple that wants a day filled with adventure — to go on a longer hike, or to chill at multiple locations, to document your vows and first dance — the options are endless!

If you’re planning to include guests, this package will allow for group photos without any rushing.


Starting at
$6,900 cad
(~ $5,100 usd)


All packages include...

+ 1 photographer
+ Unlimited planning assistance
+ Guidance, friendship, and a chill, fun time
+ All my travel costs anywhere in ALBERTA
+ 10 sneak peeks delivered within 48 hours 
+ Full gallery delivery within 8 weeks
+ Customized elopement planning guide




 Here’s a high-level rundown of what happens from here:


Fill out my contact form and tell me a few things about you two, your love story, and your vision for your elopement.

02 next

I’ll review your form (while doing a happy dance at my desk) and send over a link for you to book an initial call so we can meet on Zoom!


On the call, we’ll get to know each other so you can decide if I’m a great addition to team “You Two” (better team name still pending). If you find that I am, I’ll send over the paperwork to make it official!

04 next up

Planning begins!! We’ll communicate through email and Zoom over the coming months as we plan and craft your day to perfection.

05 finally

We’ll meet up the night before your elopement, have a beer or a tea, and get comfortable with each other in real life before the big day. Then we’ll head to bed because in the morning… we’ve got an adventure to go on, and you two have some I Do’s to say! Click here to get in touch and fill out the form.

Thinking about including some guests?

I fully support this!! I’m happy to help plan an elopement that includes up to 8 guests.



If you want to elope anywhere in banff, I’ll meet you there!

Banff National Park is big and beautiful, and there are gems hidden in every pocket of the park.

Whether we’re meeting in Lake Moraine, Lake Louise, Mistaya Canyon, Johnston Canyon, Peyto Lake, Tunnel Mountain Reservoir , Two Jack Lake, or anywhere in between, my travel is always included in all of my packages.




Please, please do bring your dogs. Or your cat that loves adventuring. They are more than welcome to join and I would love that so so much! Keep in mind that certain trails in Banff that don't allow dogs but there are other ways to incorporate your fur babies into your wedding day! 

Absolutely! The best part about us working together is that I help you with allll of the things, which totally includes lodging. AND, the elopement guide that I send over to you will be specific to the area you’re eloping in, which means it’s packed full of local activities, restaurants, sights, etc. 

Great question! There are two options here:

The first option is going through the regular process of getting a marriage license, hiring someone that is ordained to join us for the vow exchange portion of the day, and coordinating one other person to act as a witness for your license (you need two people, and I can happily be one!) Don’t worry, I’ll help you find and coordinate these people!

The second option is that this day can be the day where you “unofficially” (ie, not legally) tie the knot, say your vows just the two of you, and you do the “official”, legal tying of the knot separately — at a courthouse, or similar, on another day.

This is where I come in! We’ll get on a call and talk about the vision that you have for your day. Once I have a better idea of what you’re looking for and if you’re including guests or not, I’ll be able to recommend the package that will suit you best. You DON’T have to know which one you want before you fill out the contact form.

You will receive at least 50 photos per package hour, maybe more. It all depends on what exactly we’re doing that day! I promise you’ll have gorgeous photos of every special moment throughout the day, and there will be plenty of them.

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Grab your favourite bevvie, cuddle up and get ready to enjoy the beginning of your eloping journey!

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