Are you wondering what to do during your elopement day? Here is a huge list of all the fun things ever! Whether you’re getting married on a cliff edge, a private luxe cabin, on a beach or travelling to another country, this is a great place to start!!  

1. Rent Isak 4×4 vehicle and trek around  

2. Jump into a lake or ocean 

3. Get ready together at an airbnb 

4. Do your first look on a cliff’s edge 

5. Hike a mountain 

6. Pop champagne on a boat 

7. Eat pizza 

8. Go brewery hopping 

9. Winery tour adventure 

10. Toast marshmallows over a bonfire  

11. Skinny dip  

12. Order room service 

13. Paddle board 

14. Picnic in the forest  

15. Hire a chef to make you dinner 

16. Smoke bongs  

17. Hold hands while skipping in the forest 

18. Run on the beach together 

19. Cliff jump 

20. Stay overnight in a tent  

21. Dance under the stars 

22. Sleep under the stars 

23. Dance under a waterfall  

24. Eat donuts 

25. Get ready in a geodesic dome  

26. Cuddle up under a blanket by a bonfire 

27. Have a first look behind a tree 

28. Smash cake in each other’s faces 

29. Sing a song together  

30. Eat tacos at a taco truck  

31. Explore a foreign country 

32. Stay in a cabin  

33. Stop at a cute pastry shop 

34. Twirl and dance  

35. Get a massage 

36. Go glamping 

37. Visit a national park

38. Dance to a private band  

39. Soak in a hot spring 

40. Make each other breakfast 

41. Goat yoga 

42. Go zip lining  

43. Go on a yacht 

44. Hold hands  

45. Experience local culture 

46. Stop to smell the flowers and watch leaves fall

47. Write your vows together 

48. Disconnect from technology  

49. Go inside a glacier  

50. First dance under the northern lights

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