Taylor and Robbie have the cutest love story! Read it below before diving into their Caledon Ontario elopement 🙂

Robbie & Taylor met in childhood. Taylor was the girl next door. She was head over heels for Robbie. For years they were friends, travelling and living their lives separately. While growing into adults, they kept in touch through the years. One summer changed everything and they became inseparable! Next came their baby girl!! Together, they and continue to have amazing times full of laughs, travel and inspiring each other through their parenthood journey. Get inspired by their adorable Caledon Ontario elopement at a cute Airbnb cabin. They even had their own private pond & forest on the property near Toronto!

A Caledon Wedding To Remember

They wanted their Ontario wedding photography to be super gorgeous and intimate while incorporating the things they loved the most. After a slow morning at the cabin, they got ready together. And, they enjoyed their favourite coffee in special pottery mugs. After enjoying the morning overlooking the pond and forest, they separated to put on their outfits. Their first look was among the towering trees and wildflowers. Their intimate cave ceremony was at the Limehouse Conservation Area! They wanted to celebrate with some delicious lattes at a nearby cafe (shout out to all the coffee lovers out there!!). We travelled back to the cabin to paddle board & pop some champagne! For dinner, they had their fave A&W burgers, before dancing the night away under the stars. It was such a fun time, full of laughs, adventure and they did it their way 🙂

Enjoy their gallery below!!


Photographer: The Organic Moment Photography

Couple: Taylor & Robbie

Venue: Cabin On The 9

Florist: Sola Wood Flowers 

Gown: Blu Ivory Bridal

Jewelry: People’s Jewellers & Griffin Jewellery Designs

Food: A&W Canada

Coffee Shop: Mainstreet Market

Champagne: Jackson Triggs

Vow Books: Modern Album Designs

Taylor’s Shoes: Dr Marten’s

Pottery Mugs: Rock and Pine Pottery

Learn More About Caledon Ontario For Your Wedding

Caledon, Ontario, with its picturesque landscapes and charming ambiance, has become a hidden gem for couples seeking an intimate and unforgettable wedding experience. In recent years, the trend of eloping in Caledon has gained popularity. Offering couples a perfect blend of natural beauty and romantic seclusion. Let’s delve into the allure of a Caledon, Ontario wedding. Discover why this quaint destination near Toronto is capturing the hearts of those who crave a unique and intimate celebration of love.

The Scenic Beauty Of Caledon Ontario

Nestled in the heart of the Peel Region, Caledon boasts sprawling landscapes that range from lush forests and rolling hills to serene lakes and rivers. Imagine exchanging vows amidst the breathtaking backdrop of the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park. Or maybe the tranquil Alton Mill Arts Centre. The natural beauty of Caledon provides an idyllic setting for couples who desire a wedding surrounded by nature.

Charm of Small-Town Elegance Near Toronto

Caledon exudes a small-town charm that adds a touch of magic to your wedding day. The historic villages, such as Belfountain and Terra Cotta, offer a quaint and intimate atmosphere, perfect for an elopement. The warm and welcoming community enhances the overall experience. This creates a sense of connection and authenticity that is often hard to find in larger, bustling cities like Toronto.

Wedding Venues Near Caledon

A Caledon Ontario elopement offers a variety of venues that cater specifically to intimate weddings and elopements. From rustic barns and charming bed-and-breakfasts to luxurious estates with sprawling gardens. Couples can find the perfect setting to say “I do.” without venturing to Toronto. Each venue reflects the unique character of Caledon, providing an intimate and personalized backdrop for your special day.

Seasonal Splendor For Your Ontario Wedding

Whether it’s the vibrant colors of fall, the snowy enchantment of winter, or the blooming beauty of spring and summer, Caledon’s seasonal transformations offer couples the opportunity to choose the perfect backdrop for their wedding. Each season brings its own unique charm, allowing couples to tailor their elopement to their preferred aesthetic.

Local Vendors and Cuisine in Caledon Ontario

Supporting local businesses is an integral part of the Caledon wedding experience. Choosing local vendors like caterers who source ingredients locally & photographers (like myself!). The very aspect of your elopement can contribute to the community’s rich tapestry without needing to have a Toronto wedding.

Caledon, Ontario, beckons couples to embark on a romantic journey filled with natural beauty, small-town charm, and unforgettable moments. For those seeking a wedding experience that goes beyond the ordinary, eloping in Caledon provides a perfect blend of intimacy and enchantment. Finally, a Caledon, Ontario elopement promises not only a celebration of love but also a timeless and unique experience that will be cherished for a lifetime.


It’s time to take the first step into planning the Ontario elopement of your dreams! Whether you know which Ontario elopement package is perfect for you and your partner or still need help figuring out the best one, you can fill out my inquiry form here! While I’m excitedly reading about your elopement vision and love story, you can check out where I’m headed this year on my travel page! You can also download my free ‘How To Choose Your Dream Elopement Destination’ guide and learn more about eloping in Ontario in my blog, How To Plan A Toronto Elopement!

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