Nicole and Michael kiss in front of the epic Skogafoss waterfall on their wedding day. We had so much fun and it's a day I'll truly cherish forever!

Iceland holds some of the most beautiful elopement locations on earth. Whether you and your partner dream of an elopement experience that includes an up close and personal encounter with icebergs or fantasize about saying your vows at the base of an awe-inspiring waterfall, Iceland has it all. This guide is full of some of the best places to elope in Iceland, from waterfalls to iceberg-filled lagoons and everything in between! Keep reading to find your perfect Iceland elopement location!

Glacier Lagoon – Jökulsárlón

Glacier Lagoon, or Jökulsárlón, is located on Iceland’s south coast. It’s the deepest lake in Iceland, and it’s FULL of icebergs. You and your partner can embark on a once-in-a-lifetime boat ride out into Glacier Lagoon and get up close and personal with icebergs, big and small. You’ll likely also encounter harbor and grey seals lounging on floating, flat-top icebergs! 

Additionally, Glacier Lagoon is proudly operating as a partner of Kolviður – the Iceland Carbon Fund. Kolviður works to offset carbon emissions through tree planting. Glacier Lagoon also incorporates environmental education into its tours in an effort to promote eco-consciousness to visitors from around the world. 

This is the perfect adventure for couples looking to enhance their elopement experience with a trip unique to Iceland while keeping the importance of Leave No Trace in mind. Unfortunately, icebergs are melting at a rapid rate. Embarking on a guided tour at Glacier Lagoon is a great way to experience this fleeting natural wonder while learning about the impact the world has on icebergs in a safe and environmentally-friendly way.   

Black Sand Beach – Reynisfjara 

Black Sand Beach, or Reynisfjara, is also located on the southern coast of Iceland, right off Route 1. Reynisfjara’s black sand, basalt stacks, and basalt columns are the product of Iceland’s volcanic activity over millions of years. This beautifully unique beach is mysterious, enchanting, and cinematic. 

Safety is always a big concern when you choose to elope in Iceland, but it’s super important here. Sneaker waves are dangerous and common occurrences. Couples should never turn their back or get close to the surf here. Due to an underground cliff offshore, ocean conditions, and freezing water temperatures, the Sea here is unsafe to swim in. Rockslides can also occur at Black Sand Beach, so it’s important to stay alert and follow the posted rules and warning alerts at all times. 

This is the perfect elopement location for couples looking for an epic, mysterious, and cinematic backdrop for their vows. You won’t even believe how incredible the Sunrise is at Reynisfjara. Paired with the ocean mist, the Sunrise creates this beautiful dewy glow in photos that’s just so romantic.  

Michael and Nicole celebrate their wedding vows with a champagne pop on the beach during their Iceland elopement

Diamond Beach – Breiðamerkursandur

Diamond Beach, or Breiðamerkursandur, is another beautiful black sand beach on the southern coast of Iceland. Small pieces of ice that break off from icebergs in Glacier Lagoon wash up on shore and line the beach here — glistening along the sand like crystal clear diamonds. 

While sneaker waves are not as much of a concern at Diamond Beach, always keep a safe distance from ice shards here. Watch where you step as large, and small sharp pieces wash ashore frequently. Ocean conditions are also unpredictable and cold here, so do not venture into the water to attempt to touch an iceberg. They can be unstable, dangerous, and sometimes occupied by seals. If you want to experience icebergs up close, in an environmentally conscious and safe way, there are plenty of excursions like Glacier Lagoon to choose from!

If you can picture you and your partner strolling along a black sand beach, exploring a coastline filled with beautiful views of icebergs, wildlife, and Iceland’s infamous rugged coastline, THIS is one of the best places you can elope in Iceland.  

Leah and Darin had an epic Iceland elopement where they popped champagne and said their I do's in front of the misty mountains. We then travelled to Glacier Lagoon to witness the ancient glaciers. Their love is truly so beautiful, I'll always hold that elopement day close to my heart.


Skógafoss is a larger-than-life, free-falling cascade near the southern coast of Iceland along Route 1. It’s only 2 hours from Reykjavík and visible from the highway! When the sunlight hits the waterfall, a beautiful rainbow often appears through the mist of the cascade. 

Good News! If you’re visiting in Winter, you can still enjoy Skógafoss! The waterfall doesn’t freeze due to the high volume of water constantly falling. Just be mindful of icy and snowy conditions surrounding and at the base of Skógafoss during this time of year. It’s also important to stick to all hiking and designated walking areas due to the delicate terrain that surrounds the falls year-round. Starting in Spring and continuing through late Summer, lush green grasses and delicate, colorful wildflowers grow and thrive. Obey safety signs and rules by not entering the waterfall’s base or other off-path locations.

Elopements here are an absolute dream. You and your partner can stand at the base of the falls or climb up a 370-step staircase to an observation deck to say your vows. Once at the top, you can keep walking along the Skoga River on a hike that passes nearly 25 other waterfalls. This location is what waterfall elopement dreams are made of. 

Michael and Nicole have fun skipping in front of an epic waterfall during their Iceland elopement

Church Mountain – Kirkjufell

Church Mountain, or Kirkjufell, is the most photographed mountain in Iceland and is located near the northern coast of Iceland. It’s widely considered one of the most famous mountains in the world and easily recognizable from television shows and movies. Kirkjufell is a stunning backdrop for elopement ceremonies, along with a nearby waterfall called Kirkjufellsfoss. There’s also a lake that reflects its beauty at the peak’s base. Kirkjufell changes color from season to season, but I really enjoy its deep, bold green color in Summer and Early Fall. 

Mount Kirkjufell should be admired from a safe distance. While climbing the mountain is technically allowed, the climb should only be done by professional climbers or with an experienced guide. Weather is also very unpredictable in Iceland, so weather safety should be prioritized when exploring spots where you’re exposed to the elements.

If you choose to elope in Iceland and make Kirkjufell your ceremony location, you’ll be in awe of just how beautiful the country is, especially during late Summer and early Fall. The mountain is breathtaking and larger than life. A ceremony at this location will become a beautiful story and memory that lasts for generations.

Leah and Darin had an epic Iceland elopement where they popped champagne and said their I do's in front of the misty mountains. We then travelled to Glacier Lagoon to witness the ancient glaciers. Their love is truly so beautiful, I'll always hold that elopement day close to my heart.

The Black Church – Búdakirkja 

This is a bold and unique accessible location on the southern side of Snæfellsnes Peninsula. The Black Church, or Búdakirkja, is surrounded by the Búðahraun lava field, with views of an incredible mountain ridge and the Atlantic Ocean. The best part about this location is the accessibility. No hiking is required to witness the various viewpoints this location has to offer. A paved road leads to the Church and ends at a parking lot. Keep in mind this location can get crowded, so visiting on a weekday at non-peak times may be best! 

Leave No Trace is extremely important when exploring the grounds around The Black Church. There is a graveyard near the Church’s rear, so Búdakirkja requests that visitors not walk over the cemetery grounds out of respect for those laid to rest.

If you want to incorporate wedding traditions with a twist into your elopement or intimate wedding celebration, Búdakirkja can be rented out for ceremonies inside the Church. While couples are always welcome to wander around and say their vows outside the Church, it’s a nice option if you’re interested in an indoor ceremony!

Joanna and Kili cuddle up and celebrate their wedding day near a private waterfall in Iceland


Known for its surrounding geothermal hot springs, crater lake, glacial rivers, and lava fields, this valley is dominated by towering rhyolite mountains. The volcanic rock mountains are also brightly colored with red, blue, pink, green, and yellow colors. In the late evenings beginning in September, this is a beautiful, remote spot to watch the Northern Light in the late evenings starting in September. 

Landmannalaugar is best accessed using a 4×4. Being located in the Icelandic Highlands makes this location unpredictable due to weather conditions, so always pack proper attire and safety gear. If you want to hike and explore the area with a guide, Super Jeep tours and hiking tours are offered for this location!

This spot is best for Summer and early Fall elopements, as the F-Roads close due to dangerous Winter conditions. During the warmer months, the green moss brightens the already bold, rainbowed landscape, making for the most colourful elopement ceremony in all of Iceland.  

Michael and Nicole love it up on the beach during their Iceland elopement


There are around 130 volcanoes in Iceland, but Maelifell is by far one of the most spectacular. In Summer and early Fall, the peak is covered in bright green moss. Couples will be immersed in a total volcanic landscape when trekking in a 4×4 to the base of Maelifell. The dark volcanic soil and green moss make this area look like a storybook land of fantasy and mystery. Maelifell is the best of the best when it comes to Iceland’s natural beauty, and your elopement photos and vow ceremony will feel equally as special and magical if you choose this location to celebrate your love. 

A 4×4 is necessary to access this off-the-grid location. The Icelandic Highlands are unpredictable, so it’s important always to be cautious and prepared when venturing to off-the-beaten-path locations like Maelifell. If you plan to hike around and up to the volcano peak, a guided tour is highly recommended, as the route requires advanced skills and is steep. 

Volcanoes are one of the many wonders that make Iceland’s landscape so dramatic and unique. Mælifel is an extinct volcano, so it’s safer than other active, lava-spewing volcanoes on the island. This spot is an awe-inspiring option if you and your partner are looking for an extraordinary and gripping location for your vow ceremony. How can you go wrong with a 791m tall Icelandic volcano surrounded by glacial rivers and rolling lava rock fields?! 

Joanna and Kili cuddle up and celebrate their wedding day near a private waterfall in Iceland

Glacier Cave

Hop in a Jeep, and venture across the wild and exciting terrain of Vatnajokull National Park for a guided exploration tour of the glacier caves within Breidamerkurjokull. This incredibly unique elopement experience will create memories that will last for generations. You’ll be immersed in a world full of ice, natural beauty, and wonder the moment you enter the ice cave. 

It’s important to book a guided tour for this experience as it is very dangerous to attempt solo. Safety equipment, including helmets, will be given and worn to protect you and your partner from the ice. 

If you choose to make a glacier cave the site for your elopement, you’ll not only gain a memorable experience but encounter a rare, fleeting wonder of the world up close and personal. Iceland is home to some of the world’s largest and most intricate caves, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you won’t want to miss out on. 

Svartaborg Luxury House

Located in Northern Iceland, this modern AirBnb sits on a stunning rolling hillside. One of its most outstanding features is the floor-to-ceiling windows that brighten and enhance the accommodation’s aesthetically-pleasing interior. Svartaborg Luxury House is the perfect place to retreat and relax after you elope in Iceland, with its large hot tub and outdoor seating area for couples’ enjoyment.

This accommodation could also double as an elopement location because of its beautiful design inside and out. You and your partner can take photos indoors while you get ready and then wander around the farm where the home sits. The Geosea Baths and Goðafoss are just a few miles away if you plan to explore the surrounding area. Best of all, in Fall/Winter, you can watch the Northern lights right outside your front door! 

If you want to host an intimate wedding or elopement that includes up to 8 guests, this is a great backup location in case unpredictable weather interrupts outdoor ceremony plans. 

Leah and Darin had an epic Iceland elopement where they popped champagne and said their I do's in front of the misty mountains. We then travelled to Glacier Lagoon to witness the ancient glaciers. Their love is truly so beautiful, I'll always hold that elopement day close to my heart.

The Best Accommodations To Relax At When You Elope In Iceland

01. Glass Lodges | Glass Cottages

Panorama Glass Lodges

Lodges with 360-degree views of breathtaking terrain — locations in southern and western Iceland.

Glass Cottages 

Sustainable eco-glass cottages built in a lava desert with hot tubs and views of the northern lights — located in southern Iceland. 

02. Homes | Cottages

Triangular Cottage

A unique, cozy, and sustainable cottage kept warm by geothermal water — located in southwestern Iceland. 

Small, Cozy House 

A sweet, small house with epic mountain views to relax at after you elope in Iceland — located in northern Iceland.

03. Hotels | Retreats   

The Retreat At Blue Lagoon

A luxury hotel with access to a relaxing geothermal spa with beautiful night sky views — located in southwestern Iceland. 

Torfhús Retreat

A secluded and eco-luxury retreat surrounded by mountain and water views — located in southern Iceland.

Leah and Darin had an epic Iceland elopement where they popped champagne and said their I do's in front of the misty mountains. We then travelled to Glacier Lagoon to witness the ancient glaciers. Their love is truly so beautiful, I'll always hold that elopement day close to my heart.

Leave No Trace

The beauty of eloping lies not just in the simplicity and intimacy of the experience but also within the location where it’s celebrated. We want to keep that scenery beautiful during your elopement, so generations to come can also enjoy Mother Nature and all her amazing wonders. Leave No Trace is an organization that focuses on educating people on sustainability, and I’m proud to be a Leave No Trace Aware Photographer. I’m proud to practice the 7 principles of Leave No Trace in my daily life and while I’m out adventuring with couples. I want to encourage you to do the same!

The 7 Principles:

  1. Plan Ahead & Prepare
  2. Travel & Camp on Durable Surfaces
  3. Dispose of Waste Properly
  4. Leave What You Find
  5. Minimize Campfire Impacts
  6. Respect Wildlife
  7. Be Considerate of Others

You can learn more about Leave No Trace on their website.

Need Help Choosing A Place To Elope In Iceland?

If you’re ready to start your Iceland elopement adventure and want a stress-free experience, I’ve got your back! If you hire me as your photographer, you’ll gain access to secret, secluded locations, a talented and trustworthy Iceland vendor list, timeline planning guidance, and more. You can contact me here to get started, and check out my travel page to see what I’m up to this month and where I’m going this year! Whatever your love story looks like, whatever it feels like — I’m ready to make it a reality for you in Iceland!

Leah and Darin had an epic Iceland elopement where they popped champagne and said their I do's in front of the misty mountains. We then travelled to Glacier Lagoon to witness the ancient glaciers. Their love is truly so beautiful, I'll always hold that elopement day close to my heart.

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